Featured World Class Glamour Models – Previous Months

May 2014: Betti

April 2014: Marie McCray

March 2014: Layla Rose

February 2014: Gigi Allens

January 2014: Eve Angel

December 2013: Natali Blond

November 2013: Jessie Rogers

October 2013: Tasha Reign

September 2013: Abigail Mac

August 2013: Amina Malakona

July 2013: Rikki Six

June 2013: Tunde

May 2013: Emi Escada

April 2013: Abbey Brooks

March 2013: Alexis Ford

February 2013: Adriana Sephora

January 2013: Valentina Nappi

December 2012: Alexa

November 2012: Ella Milano

October 2012: Kitti Kovacs

September 2012: Jess Robinson

August 2012: Viktoria Sima

July 2012: Aleska Diamond

June 2012: Dana Harem

May 2012: Jessica Vaugn

April 2012: Nicole Aniston

March 2012: Spencer Scott

February 2012: Cindy Dollar

January 2012: Monika Vesela

December 2011: Sunny Leone

November 2011: Kagney Linn Karter

October 2011: Alexis Texas

September 2011: Elizabeth Jean

August 2011: Adrienn Levai

July 2011: Evelin Aubert

June 2011: Charlie Mancini

May 2011: Satin Bloom

April 2011: Zafira

March 2011: Helga Geszti

February 2011: Tancy Hanna

January 2011: Nessa Devil

December 2010: Cindy Hope

November 2010: Charlie Laine

October 2010: Christie Gabriel

September 2010: Adrienne Barsi

August 2010: Aletta Ocean

July 2010: Caitlin Alexander

June 2010: Jade Bryce

May 2010: Aura Amore

April 2010: Angelina Polska

March 2010: Walleria

Betti - Featured Model


Playboy model Betti is a blond Hungarian glamour nude model that epitomizes the belief of why many consider Eastern Europe to have the most beautiful women in the world. Playboy model Betti displayed her truly natural talent for modelling with an array of breathtaking looks to melt the lens of the camera Yvan was holding. With a very docile and personable demeanour, Playboy model Betti exhibited an assortment of facial expressions and poses that showed the essence of her elegant and sensuality. The first set of photos tool place on a beautiful balcony overlooking the Danube River with glamour model Betti wearing a blue sheer teddy and panties. The second set of photos had Playboy model Betti wearing a black lace one piece lingerie outfit with the Budapest Castle in the background. The third and final set of photos of glamour nude model Betti had her in the shower wearing a striking yellow one piece swimsuit which accentuated her curves in all the right places. Stay tuned for many more glamour publications featuring the Absolute Beauty Betti.

Marie McCray - Featured Model


Marie McCray is a world famous redhead who’s graced the pages of Penthouse magazine many times. Penthouse model Marie McCray is an incredibly experienced glamour nude model that brings abundant energy and enthusiasm to photo shoots. Based in Los Angeles, Penthouse model Marie McCray shot with Yvan Daddario in beautiful Beverly Hills location. The first set of photos with Penthouse model Marie McCray had her wearing an emerald set of lingerie in the bedroom. The second set of photos was glamour model Marie McCray posing in a baby blue dress and creating impressive photos as she moved effortlessly from one sexy pose to another. The third set of images with Penthouse model Marie McCray was on a bright orange leather sofa where she wore a sheer beige lingerie outfit. Super sensual and captivating, the glamour nude photos of redhead model Marie McCray will not disappoint.

Layla Rose - Featured Model


American Playboy model Layla Rose is a beautiful glamour nude model with Mexican heritage. Playboy model Layla Rose has the natural ability to create stunning imagery that transfixes people with her combination of natural beauty and charm. The first set of photos of Playboy model Layla Rose has her wearing a striking silver set of lingerie in the bedroom. The second set of images features Playboy model Layla Rose in a bright pink bikini with a white fishnet top posing provocatively on a white leather stool. The third and final set of Playboy model Layla Rose has her in a red set of lingerie on a bright orange leather couch moving effortlessly between poses. American Playboy model Layla Rose has an impressive character that seduces the camera to produce spectacular world class photos.

Gigi Allens - Featured Model


Australian Penthouse and glamour nude model Gigi Allens is a ravishing blond from down under. Blessed with incredible curves and an outgoing and vibrant personality, Penthouse model Gigi Allens easily captivates any audience she encounters. Photographing Penthouse model Gigi Allens in Beverly Hills, Yvan was able to capture a mouth watering array of both vibrant and mesmerizing images. The first set of images with glamour nude model Gigi Allens had her wearing a bright yellow set of lingerie in a luxurious bedroom environment. The second set of photographs involved a baby blue micro bikini and cut off shorts where Penthouse model Gigi Allens was able to disrobe and demonstrate an array of emotions. The third and final set of photos had Penthouse model Gigi Allens wearing a striking pink glamour dress and matching panties. These incredible images of Penthouse model Gigi Allens shows off the best talents of this unassuming glamour star. Gaining an incredible reputation as a Penthouse model and heart throb, Gigi Allens is sure to turn heads around the world wherever she shoots.

Eve Angel - Featured Model


An extraordinarily rare and mesmerizing raven haired absolute beauty is the Penthouse model Eve Angel who attracts constant attention wherever she goes. The impressive Hungarian glamour nude Penthouse model Eve Angel was captured in three photo sets in the scorching summer. The first set of images captured by Yvan of Penthouse model Eve Angel displayed her in a beautiful swimming pool wearing a bright lime bikini. The second set of photos featured Penthouse model Eve Angel wearing a super sexy leopard print top and tiny micro shorts. The last set involved a sequence piece of cloth wrapped elegantly around Penthouse model Eve Angel to appear as a dress with the minimal fabric leaving little to the imagination. Penthouse model Eve Angel’s favourite travel destinations include pristine mountain locations and Caribbean islands. With a list of publication credits that’s hard to count, Penthouse model Eve Angel continues to use her impressive experience to spread her image around the globe.

Natali Blond - Featured Model


Czech Playboy model Natali Blond is a voluptuous dream from Prague. Photographed by Yvan in the Czech Republic, Playboy model Natali Blond shows her sweet and irresistible demeanour for the camera in three sizzling sets. Playful in a pair of cut-off jeans and sheer blouse, Playboy model Natali Blond shines before the camera wearing eventually just her sexy tan! Moving onto an aquamarine blue summer dress, this glamour nude model again displayed exquisite talent with a wide array of dramatic expressions and poses. Lastly, wearing one of the sexiest one piece swimsuits ever, Playboy model Natali Blond is showcasing a black suit with glistening jewels attached. Magically beautiful glamour nude models from the Czech Republic are constantly impressive, Playboy model Natali Blond is one that tops the list!

Jessie Rogers - Featured Model


Penthouse model Jessie Rogers is a blond vixen with a rising career as a glamour nude model. Photographed with Yvan on a balmy day in West Hollywood, Penthouse and glamour model Jessie Rogers breezed through her first set of photos wearing just a stunning golden sequence dress that only accentuated her sex appeal with her golden locks. The second set of images captured of Penthouse model Jessie Rogers involved a revealingly cut pink party dress complete with an impressive Swarovski crystal necklace for a touch of true elegance and glamour. Lastly, the third set photos of Penthouse model Jessie Rogers featured a pink one piece micro bikini with dental floss as the sting. A mesmerizing sight to behold! Winner of countless adult awards Penthouse model Jessie Rogers is a fan of exotic travel destinations. This American glamour nude model and adult starlet captures the epitome of desirability.

Tasha Reign - Featured Model

OCTOBER 2013: Tasha Reign

Playboy and Penthouse glamour nude model Tasha Reign is the ultimate blond bombshell from Los Angeles. Having featured in numerous Playboy publications including their Fresh Faces edition and Cyber Girl, Playboy and Penthouse model Tasha Reign took the leap into more erotic endeavours and has enjoyed incredible success! Shooting with Yvan in Beverly Hills, Playboy and Penthouse model Tasha Reign was striking in a red lingerie set captured in a luxurious bedroom. The second set of photos showcased Playboy model Tasha Reign in black lingerie to show off her talent for posing and seduction as a sofa served as her backdrop. The third set placed Playboy and Penthouse model Tasha Reign in a shower wearing only a black swimsuit. The gorgeous white Italian marble in the shower created the perfect backdrop. Famous for her adult movies and continued success in print, Playboy and Penthouse model Tasha Reign has a huge fan following and continues to be a sought after model and actress.

Abigail Mac - Featured Model

SEPTEMBER 2013: Abigail Mac

Incredibly talented Penthouse model Abigail Mac showed off her flair for the camera with a series of shoots with Yvan Daddario in Toronto. Now residing in glitzy Los Angeles, Penthouse and glamour nude model Abigail Mac is a genuine professional with amazing drive and energy which seamlessly combine to create world class images even in the most distracting environments. With a strict exercise regime to boot, Penthouse model Abigail Mac showed off her exceptionally toned body for a series of photography sets in an array of sensual and sexy outfits from lingerie, to jeweled bibs and corsets. One of the photo sets was a kitchen themed shoot with a delicious strawberry and chocolate cake prop which became the centre of attention along with ample flour placed all over Penthouse and glamour model Abigail Mac. The bathtub bubble bath photo set was electrifying with Penthouse model Abigail Mac gliding in and out of the water with ease and displaying the epitome of sensuality. With numerous Penthouse publications to her name and constant demand for her talents by international photographers and producers, glamour nude model Abigail Mac will remain a hot act for years to come.

Amina Malakona - Featured Model


Stunning Hungarian Playboy model Amina Malakona has the looks and character to leave people awestruck. Captured by Yvan in a romantic suite overlooking the Danube River, Playboy and glamour nude model Amina Malakona displayed boundless talent for sensual and playful expressions. The first set of photos taken with Yvan displays Playboy model Amina Malakona in an elegant and sheer purple summer dress. The second set has Playboy model Amina Malakona wearing a pink French maid outfit, truly impressive imagery and character created! Lastly, the third set of images contains Playboy and glamour nude model Amina Malakona in a black and white bikini while she plays in the Jacuzzi. Regularly promoting products and events across Europe, Playboy model Amina Malakona knows how to boost sales and the atmosphere wherever she goes! Frequent traveller to far flung parts of the world, Playboy model Amina Malakona knows how to remain in high demand and make the most out of life!

Rikki Six - Featured Model


World famous adult starlet and glamour nude model Rikki Six is one of the hottest rising stars in the industry. Adult megastar Rikki Six has a sensational body combined with a genuinely sweet and seductive personality which made her an absolute blast to photograph in West Hollywood. With a leopard print cocktail dress, glamour nude model Rikki Six showed off her mesmerizing abilities in demonstrating how a sexy bedroom glamour nude scene is supposed to look. Adult star Rikki Six then wore a red ribbon dress for the second set of photos combined with an extravagant Swarovski crystal necklace where she moved seductively as she played with the ribbons and posed with naturally sexy techniques. In the third and final set of images, Rikki Six wore a super sexy reflective pink bikini in front of a beautiful mahogany wood backdrop. Glamour nude model Rikki Six is a frequent traveller with commitments across North America and a growing following of devoted fans.

Tunde - Featured Model


Hungarian Playboy model Tunde showed off her years of experience during a photo shoot in April 2013 with Yvan Daddario. A native of Budapest, Playboy model Tunde has appeared in numerous publications as well as twice in Playboy. Starting the shoot on a huge bed with its bright red headboard complete with black dragon design, Playboy model Tunde was ravishing in a sleek black dress and Swarovski crystals. For the second set Playboy model Tunde wore a unique black and white stripped dress directly in front of a beautiful stone balcony in central Budapest. For the final set Playboy model Tunde wore a sexy red bikini outfit complete with plenty of ruffles! Modelling full time, Playboy model Tunde is constantly travelling to new destinations showing her talents for both professional photographers and countless workshop participants.

Emi Escada - Featured Model


Playboy Playmate and world famous glamour nude model Emi Escada showed tremendous talent during her Budapest, Hungary shoot in April 2013. Originally a highly sought after fashion model, Playboy model Emi Escada has risen in the entertainment industry to use her incredible talents as a showgirl travelling for parts on live TV show productions around the world from Italy to America. Blessed with an incredible voluptuous physique, Playboy model Emi Escada displayed why she was named a Hungarian Playmate in 2010, moving effortlessly. The first set photographed with Playboy model Emi Escada showcased her sensual style wearing red lingerie and posing with a gorgeous red headboard as her background. The second set with Playboy model Emi Escada displayed one of her amazing showgirl costumes on Yvan’s balcony with a dazzling silver sequence dress to present never ending bling! The last set had Playboy model Emi Escada wearing a black micro bikini to produce mesmerizingly sexy images. Playboy model Emi Escada is a global attraction and continues to appear in global publications such as Maxim.

Abbey Brooks - Featured Model


World famous Penthouse and glamour nude model Abbey Brooks demonstrated her immense talent shooting with Yvan in West Hollywood. Years of experience have shown how effortless it is for Penthouse model Abbey Brooks to obtain steamy glamour nude images can be! Frequently booked by top publications, Penthouse model Abbey Brooks draws viewers in with sultry expressions. The first set of photos with Penthouse model Abbey Brooks involved a black lace lingerie outfit with sexy red ribbons. A sexy black top with a plunging neckline and golden mini skirt marked the next set of photos lying on a white leather couch. The third set of glamour nude photos featured Penthouse model Abbey Brooks wearing a hot pink bikini and was captured in an elegant brown marble shower. Definitely fun to shoot with, Penthouse model Abbey Brooks travels regularly try to keep her fans satisfied with new content of this hot star!

Alexis Ford - Featured Model


Penthouse, Playboy and Maxim model Alexis Ford is undoubtedly one of the most sought after adult models on the planet! Penthouse Pet and glamour nude model Alexis Ford created incredible images with Yvan in West Hollywood in February 2013. Alexis Ford, adult starlet and Penthouse model clearly confirmed during her shoot why she has earned such a massive worldwide following of fans! Starting in a teeny set of orange shorts and plunging black top, Penthouse model Alexis Ford showed a masterful array of tantalising expressions and flexible poses. The second set of photos captured Penthouse model Alexis Ford posing in front a huge window with the captivating scenery of Hollywood in the background. For this set Alexis Ford wore a sexy camouflage outfit with booty shorts, a tight green tank top and sexy camo baseball cap. Lastly, Penthouse model Alexis Ford dazzled with a skimpy pink micro bikini to captive her fans. With a fun demeanour and consistently the utmost professional, Penthouse model Alexis Ford was a delight to shoot with and never failed to illuminate the camera lens with flawlessly sexy images.

Adriana Sephora - Featured Model


Penthouse dream model Adriana Sephora is a Brazilian native with unbelievable curves. Now based in Los Angeles, Penthouse model Adriana Sephora showed off her talent in a series of sultry photo sets. Penthouse and glamour nude model Adriana Sephora rocked her sexiest glamour look with a white low cut top and beige pencil skirt. The, floating effortlessly over a white leather couch in a purple sequence bikini, Penthouse model Adriana Sephora truly dazzled at a West Hollywood hotel. The final photo set with Penthouse model Adriana Sephora included a stunning baby blue micro bikini and lots of bubbles being blown around the bathtub. With a rising number of publications to her credit, Penthouse model Adriana Sephora has the look to rise to the top of the glamour nude industry. Keep a look out for Penthouse model Adriana Sephora appearing in many more publications that will take your breath away!

Valentina Nappi - Featured Model


Extraordinarily gifted Italian Playboy model and rising adult starlet Valentina Nappi was a blast to shoot with. This stunning brunette Playboy and glamour nude model Valentina Nappi hails from the city of Naples, Italy. Already with a wealth of success accumulated in the commercial modeling field, Playboy model Valentina Nappi has moved her focus to a new field where she is having tremendous success and fun, the adult industry. An immense ability and highly sought after for her enticing Italian beauty and seemingly limitless array of expressions and poses, Playboy model Valentina Nappi is a real Italian jewel. The first set of photos taken by Yvan with Playboy model Valentina Nappi involved a gorgeous set of navy blue lingerie and a soft beige bed frame that created sultry images. The second set of photos with adult starlet Valentina Nappi had her wearing the sexiest pink low cut cowl top and sexy skin tight hot pink pants loaded with wide slits. Adding a shower head for even more breathtaking sexiness, Playboy model and adult star Valentina Nappi drenched herself with water as she slowly removed her glamour outfit. As Playboy model Valentina Nappi continues to travel across Europe on an increasing number of assignments, her enthusiasm is sure to create waves wherever she appears.

Alexa - Featured Model


The 2012 Hungarian Playboy Playmate is Alexa, a bombshell from Budapest. Blessed with curves in all the right places, Playboy and glamour nude model Alexa has captured the world in numerous Playboy publications. An avid traveller to exotic locales all over the world such as Bali and a promoter for the luckiest of brands, Playboy model Alexa is very sought after for photo shoots. Photographed in a luxurious location in Budapest, Playboy and glamour nude model Alexa demonstrated true knowledge for both angles and poses. The first set of photos by Yvan Daddario that captured Playboy model Alexa consisted of a tight black corset and panties which lead to elegant nude bedroom photos. The next photo set involved a very elegant one piece white lace set of lingerie in which Playboy model Alexa shined using a grand sofa as her prop for posing. The final set of photos of Playboy model Alexa featured her in a playful pink and black bikini in front of a gorgeous white and soft pink marble wall. I’m sure you’ll agree that Playboy and glamour nude model Alexa is a fantasy that dreams are truly made of.

Ella Milano - Featured Model


One of the sexiest Penthouse Pets and glamour nude models in the world is Ella Milano. This Puerto Rico native and adult star is as impressive with her expressions and poses as are her looks. With a growing list of notable film and photo credits, Penthouse model Ella Milano’s popularity continues to climb. This gorgeous American glamour nude model created amazing poses wearing a sexy black one piece maid outfit complete with white choker and cuffs, truly captivating. For the second photo shoot set with Yvan, Penthouse model Ella Milano wore sultry red lingerie and posed in front of a beautiful wall of finely designed wood. For the third and final photo set Penthouse model Ella Milano wore an enchanting one piece pink lingerie dress which she quickly turned into a sultry magnet of sex appeal with masterful manipulation on a bright white carpet. Creating world class glamour nude images with Penthouse model Ella Milano was a breeze for Yvan Daddario and her bubbly personality earned her a coveted Icandiglamour t-shirt and place as a Featured Absolute Beauty of the Month!

Kitti Kovacs - Featured Model


Hungarian Playboy and glamour nude model Kitti Kovacs is a dreamy brunette from Budapest. Photographed by Yvan on a cold winter’s day, Playboy model Kitti Kovacs demonstrated marvelous talent in a variety of sexy outfits. First posing in a black sheer lingerie teddy, Playboy model Kitti Kovacs moved like a mesmerizing magician from lingerie to nude during our bedroom set. Once adorned with an incredible Swarovski crystal necklace and wearing an elegant glamour evening dress, glamour nude model Kitti Kovacs presented a variety of dramatic and sensual expressions complementing the set. Lastly, with a white bikini in the bathtub Playboy model Kitti Kovacs was truly talented with her manipulation of the shower head and a subtle mix of water and soap over her body. Apart from modelling, Playboy model Kitti Kovacs also keeps herself busy by working as both a commercial and promotional model.

Jess Robinson - Featured Model


American Playboy and glamour nude model Jess Robinson is a spectacularly talented Texan. Based in Dallas, Playboy model Jess Robinson has years of experience working with Playboy and has appeared in eight Playboy publications from their Book of Lingerie to Natural Beauties. Playboy model Jess Robinson has even spoken on Playboy radio and featured on the website as a cyber girl. Photographed by Yvan Daddario in Toronto, Playboy model Jess Robinson confirmed her adaptability on set to transform a mansions grand marble entranceway into a warm, sexy and luxurious back drop for a series of glamour nude photos. With her keen eye for posing, Playboy model Jess Robinson also demonstrated a clinic in posing techniques when she masterfully used a Japanese samurai sword as a prop for photos captured high up on the 47th floor of a luxury condo skyscraper in the heart of Toronto, Canada. Constantly travelling up to 150 days a year, Playboy model Jess Robinson attracts projects for work from all over North America. Glamour nude and Playboy model Jess Robinson also has a university graduate education to boast about. As one of the dreamiest glamour nude models, Jess Robinson continues to draw fans with her natural and never ending sex appeal.

Viktoria Sima - Featured Model


Hungarian Playboy and glamour nude model Viktoria Sima was an unbelievable talent to photograph. Viktoria Sima shot with Yvan Daddario in both Budapest, Hungary and then in the wonderfully tropical island of Sicily, Italy. She is an experienced Playboy and glamour nude model who also happens to possess a wonderful natural ability to mesmerize audiences with her personality which she regularly demonstrates with her promotional work around the world. Playboy model Viktoria Sima loves to travel to tropical destinations such as Mexico for glamour shoots with a particular preference for the sunny and beautiful beaches of Cancun. Although rarely in Budapest because of her busy schedule, Playboy model Viktoria Sima has tremendous flair for wearing micro bikinis that Yvan captured her in along the pristine beaches of Sicily. With the Mediterranean Sea behind her, Playboy model Viktoria Sima captured the essence of beauty on the terrace of a luxury hotel while wearing both bikinis and glamour outfits. Her outgoing personality and dedication to glamour modeling was clearly evident in Sicily when Playboy model Viktoria Sima was required to wake up at 5 am for two sunrise photo shoots. Moving elegantly from pose to pose, Yvan and Playboy model Viktoria Sima also created breathtaking bubble bath shots in a huge Jacuzzi in Budapest with bubbles flying everywhere! Always up for a new adventure, Yvan and Playboy model Viktoria Sima braved the high winds to take part in an excursion that reached near the summit of Mount Etna, Sicily, which is famous for its constant lava explosions. Certainly a model worth following, Playboy model Viktoria Sima never ceases to amaze.

Aleska Diamond - Featured Model


Hungarian Penthouse model and adult superstar Aleska Diamond showed immense talent during her shoot with Yvan Daddario in Budapest. Glamour nude and Penthouse model Aleska Diamond was brilliant showing off her talent for posing on the terrace of an exclusive Hungarian hotel above the Danube River. With the Hungarian Parliament buildings in the background, Penthouse model Aleska Diamond even captivated countless cruise ship onlookers as they sailed by during one of the photography sets. For the portion of the shoot that involved a sexy pink dress, glamour nude and Penthouse model Aleska Diamond combined with Yvan to create an amazing array of emotions. One of Penthouse model Aleska Diamond’s claims to fame includes winning the 2012 Adult Video News Award for Best Female Performer. With a series of other performance awards to her credit, Penthouse model Aleska Diamond’s popularity continues to skyrocket. Constantly in high demand and travelling the world, especially to one of her favourite destinations, Greece, Penthouse model Aleska Diamond continues to impress in photo shoots and on film.

Dana Harem - Featured Model


Meet striking Czech Playboy model Dana Harem from Prague. Playboy model Dana Harem is one of the most remarkable glamour nude models in all of Europe. This Icandiglamour Absolute Beauty was captured by Yvan in a luxurious hotel in the Czech Republic in May 2012 for three photo sets. Photographed in and out of a variety of lingerie and nightclub attire, this brunette moved effortlessly form pose to pose and showed genuine skill in front of the camera. Originally from the Eastern portion of the Czech Republic, Playboy model Dana Harem fits in well in the romantic city of Prague. Yvan’s favourite set to shoot with Playboy model Dana Harem was a blue lingerie set with an elegant blue fur shawl. Keep your eyes out for this glamour nude model gracing the covers of more publications this year.

Jessica Vaugn - Featured Model


Breathtaking Playboy, Maxim and FHM model Jessica Vaugn fully deserves to be this month’s Icandiglamour Absolute Beauty. Originally from Kansas, Playboy model Jessica Vaugn is not only a talented glamour nude model, she also is a sophisticated writer for a Playboy column. Having photographed Playboy model Jessica Vaugn twice, both in Toronto and Beverly Hills, Yvan was truly impressed by her professionalism, her mesmerizing looks and her enthusiasm to create world class glamour nude images. In one set, Playboy model Jessica Vaugn is, and then isn’t, wearing a beautifully sexy pink and white bikini. Frequently crisscrossing the world on photo shoots, Playboy model Jessica Vaugn knows how to grow her fame. Playboy model Jessica Vaugn has appeared in countless publications from Croatia to Italy and the US.

Nicole Aniston - Featured Model


Nicole Aniston is a sultry Penthouse model and one of the world’s most famous adult actresses. Penthouse model Nicole Aniston mesmerizes as an exceptionally talented and energetic glamour nude model. A southern California native, Penthouse model Nicole Aniston is a highly sought after performer around the world. Thanks to her high energy and outgoing personality, Penthouse model Nicole Aniston and Yvan created truly breathtaking photos at a Los Angeles Hollywood Hotel. Using a wide variety of outfits including a captivating silver and black one piece micro bikini, Nicole Aniston showed her versatility and powerful emotions on cue. One of the glamour nude photo sets incorporated Penthouse model Nicole Aniston using her iPhone and ear buds to tease the camera with the sultry curves of her silhouette and Hollywood in the background. Her perfectly tanned skin was accentuated by a hot two piece bright yellow swimsuit in a memorable bathtub scene. Always playful for the camera, Penthouse model Nicole Aniston enabled Yvan to capture a number of fun behind the scenes shots. As you’ll see in the galleries, Penthouse model Nicole Aniston epitomizes an Icandiglamour Absolute Beauty and demonstrates a natural understanding of desirable posing angles to create world class glamour nude images.

Spencer Scott - Featured Model


Playboy Playmate Spencer Scott is the youngest Playmate ever selected by Playboy magazine when she was just eighteen years of age. Originally from the US state of Georgia, Playboy Playmate Spencer Scott began her modelling career as a highly sought after bikini model. This blond bombshell with a dazzling personality and was super fun while shooting with Yvan. Ambitious and full of energy and enthusiasm, Playboy Playmate Spencer Scott enjoyed a fun afternoon in Hollywood creating sultry images. Enjoying some of Yvan’s world famous jewellery, Playmate Spencer Scott looked particularly outstanding in the turquoise jewellery set. In high demand for her modelling talents, Playboy and glamour nude model Spencer Scott manages to juggle plenty of competing commitments. This absolute beauty shines as a Featured Model of the Month on Icandiglamour and Playboy Playmate Spencer Scott looks forward to appearing here again.

Cindy Dollar - Featured Model


Cindy Dollar is a fabulous Penthouse and glamour nude model from Prague, Czech Republic. With sultry looks and years of experience, Penthouse model Cindy Dollar is a model that produced amazingly unique poses. Penthouse model Cindy Dollar is a big fan of French culture, food and style which leads her to regularly visit the country. With minimal direction from Yvan, Cindy showed her true voluptuous beauty modelling a sexy peach coloured micro bikini for the shower set of photos. Fun while both the professional shots and the behind the scenes ones were being taken, glamour nude model Cindy Dollar was constantly on her game. Penthouse model Cindy Dollar is also famous in the adult industry having working for five years and grow to incredible heights in global popularity. I would highly recommend glamour nude photo shoots with Penthouse model Cindy Dollar who brings enthusiasm, beauty and elegance to images.

Monika Vesela - Featured Model


Featured Model of the Month January 2012 Monika Vesela Playboy, Penthouse and Maxim model Monika Vesela is from the fantastic city of Prague, Czech Republic. Very sweet and sensual, Playboy model Monika Vesela was a genuine delight to shoot with. With years of experience in the glamour nude industry, Playboy model Monika Vesela was able to create countless sultry expressions that produced mesmerizing images. With countless magazine publications, website credits and videos to her name, Playboy model Monika Vesela is a major European glamour nude star. Despite a definite enjoyment of oriental foods, Playboy model Monika Vesela is also a regular patron of the gym to keep herself in tip top shape. Look forward to more ravishing images of glamour and Playboy model Monika Vesela in various mediums around the world.

Sunny Leone - Featured Model


Model Sunny Leone is a Penthouse Pet of the Year and a glamour nude model with tremendous experience and skill in both the glamour and adult industries. Based in California and originally a Canadian native, Penthouse model Sunny Leone was truly inspirational shooting with Yvan in a luxury residence in Los Angeles. Penthouse model Sunny Leone has an exceptional natural splendour, engaging demeanour and well spoken presentation. With this incredible combination it’s no surprise that Penthouse model Sunny Leone will co-host the 2012 Adult Video News Awards Show. Constantly travelling to Europe and Asia for productions, shoots and promotional appearances, glamour nude and Penthouse model Sunny Leone is a global star. Striking wonderful poses combined with Yvan Daddario’s stellar jewellery, the amazingly tantalizing photos of Penthouse model Sunny Leone were created for Icandiglamour.

Kagney Linn Karter - Featured Model


Penthouse model, adult industry superstar and glamour nude model Kagney Linn Karter embodies the essence of beauty. Based in Los Angeles and a mid West native, Penthouse model Kagney Linn Karter was a delight to shoot glamour with in California. With a passion for travelling the world and amazing enthusiasm, Penthouse model Kagney Linn Karter also has an incredible knowledge and passion for history. Combined with her striking curves and amazing wardrobe, glamour nude and Penthouse model Kagney Linn Karter possesses rare qualities and talents in front of the camera. Winner of numerous Adult Video News Awards, Penthouse model Kagney Linn Karter will surely win many awards in the future. Constantly busy with her movies, photo shoots and dancing, adult star and Penthouse model Kagney Linn Karter is the one to watch.

Alexis Texas - Featured Model


Penthouse and glamour model and adult industry superstar Alexis Texas is an absolute beauty. With piercing blue eyes and a phenomenally voluptuous body, Penthouse and glamour model Alexis Texas is a genuine head turner. Shooting with Yvan in Los Angeles in September, Alexis Texas was a blast to work with. Yvan was even able to enjoy a fantastic array of musical tunes from Alexis’ phone while we shot. Penthouse model Alexis Texas is constantly in demand with photo shoots, movies and conventions around the world. Sure to remain a star of the adult industry, Penthouse model Alexis Texas has the talent and look that never ceases to amaze.

Elizabeth Jean - Featured Model


Playboy and glamour model Elizabeth Jean has a natural talent for glamour. A native of Los Angeles, California, Playboy model Elizabeth Jean is a genuinely sexy California model. As a former gymnast and cheerleader, glamour model Elizabeth Jean has a unique skill set and stamina for a wide variety of poses including showing her incredible balancing ability over the bathtub for the bubble bath segment of the photo shoot. With a sweet tooth and fun loving personality, glamour model Elizabeth Jean created one striking expression after another in a wide variety of jewellery from Yvan’s private collection. Shooting in a luxurious Beverly Hills location, Playboy model Elizabeth Jean demonstrated she possesses the qualities to become a foremost star in the glamour industry.

Adrienn Levai - Featured Model, August 2011


Playboy and glamour nude model Adrienn Levai is a huge star in the European glamour industry. An incredibly talented model with a wide array of expression and poses, glamour model Adrienn Levai is a genuine Hungarian star. Photographed by Yvan in a luxurious Budapest location, Playboy model Adrienn Levai keeps herself exceptionally busy as a popular promotional, commercial and glamour model. Glamour model Adrienn Levai had a blast modelling with a spectacular variety of jewellery provided by Yvan’s private collection. With her dazzling measurements and style, glamour model Adrienn Levai is a fun and free spirited model whose reputation is already impressive.

Evelin Aubert - Featured Model, July 2011


Dazzling Playboy model Evelin Aubert from Budapest, Hungary, is a rising glamour star in Europe. With striking blond hair and a spectacularly curvaceous figure, glamour model Evelin Aubert was a delight to photograph. With a passion for the beach and soaking up the suns rays in tropical destinations, Evelin Aubert has a sweet and outgoing demeanour. Well traveled and super stylish, Playboy model Evelin Aubert turns heads wherever she goes. Admire her glamour nude and lingerie photos within.

Charlie Mancini - Featured Model, June 2011


Playboy model Charlie Mancini from Chicago, USA, is an incredibly talented glamour model. With a decade of experience, nude glamour model Charlie Mancini has established a reputation for professionalism and superior talent. Shooting with Yvan at a top Chicago five star hotel, Playboy model Charlie Mancini was very outgoing and impressive with the variety of looks she created. Charlie Mancini arrived to the shoot with a number of elegant lingerie pieces that radiated throughout the images from the photo shoot. A frequent traveller for publication shoots across the United States, glamour model Charlie Mancini exudes sensuality in all her images.

Satin Bloom - Featured Model, May 2011


Stunning Czech Playboy model Satin Bloom was the perfect model for numerous glamour nude shoots with Yvan in Prague. With talents as a make-up artist and hair stylist, glamour model Satin Bloom masterfully used her skills to help create breathtakingly sexy images. Her passion for glamour is equally matched by her kindness to animals including her little dog. Always looking for the next fun filled adventure, Playboy model Satin Bloom has a genuine positive outlook on life. World renowned for her appearances in countless publications and websites, model Satin Bloom will continue to impress the glamour nude industry for years to come.

Zafira - Featured Model, April 2011


Famous glamour nude Penthouse model Zafira hails from Budapest, Hungary. Photographed by Yvan in a hotel overlooking the Danube River, model Zafira was an absolute delight and exceptionally professional. A fan of travelling and especially mountainous countries, Zafira frequently appears in men’s magazines. Her beautiful tanned looks are complemented by her sweet demeanour as demonstrated by the following photos. With her talent for sensual expressions, it is no wonder glamour model Zafira remains a super star of the glamour industry.

Helga Geszti - Featured Model, March 2011


Meet Hungarian Playboy model Helga Geszti. Playboy model Helga Geszti is a big fan of jewellery and was ever so pleased by the abundant selection at Yvan’s glamour nude photo shoot. This famous Playboy model Helga Geszti is also an avid fan of sexy lingerie. With a fun loving personality and super sexy beautiful looks, Helga Geszti is sure to impress her fans with spectacular photos of hers for years to come.

Tancy Hanna - Featured Model, February 2011


Breathtaking glamour model Tancy Hanna is a native of Miami, Florida. Showcased in dozens of publications, glamour model Tancy Hanna’s captivating look is highlighted by modelling sexy bikini’s as well as increasingly featuring her acting skills on both TV and film. Shooting with Yvan on South Beach in Miami, Tancy Hanna showed her immense creativity and passion for a wide array of bikini poses. Keeping her stunning curves in shape with regular exercise, bikini model Tancy Hanna is sure to enjoy a long career at the top of the glamour industry.

Nessa Devil - Featured Model, January 2011


Star glamour nude model Nessa Devil is from Prague, Czech Republic. With a stunning figure and sweet personality glamour model Nessa Devil and Yvan enjoyed a day of shooting in one of Prague’s most famous and luxurious historical hotels. An avid fan of winter sports, Maxim model Nessa Devil uses sports to maintain her toned appearance. Glamour model Nessa Devil has am impressive daily workout routine that professional athletes would be amazed by. With such talent for breathtaking looks glamour model Nessa Devil is sure to impress and gain increasing levels of fame.

Cindy Hope - Featured Model, December 2010


Glamour nude model and adult star Cindy Hope was a delight to shoot with in Budapest. Penthouse model Cindy Hope from Hungary has tremendous talent and enthusiasm for creating breathtaking expressions and poses. Adorned with some jewels from Yvan’s private collection glamour model Cindy Hope was able to make a classical office desk look extremely alluring. On top of these talents, Penthouse model Cindy Hope also shared Yvan’s love of 1980’s music which led to lots of improvised singing attempts. Glamour model Cindy Hope has years of experience modelling and combines this passion with a tremendous talent to produce world class images.

Charlie Laine - Featured Model, November 2010


Playboy and Penthouse model Charlie Laine showed her immense talent and beauty in October during a glamour nude shoot with Yvan in Los Angeles. Braving frigid swimming pool water at a mansion, glamour model Charlie Laine and Yvan laughed their way through a fun filled afternoon using a wide variety of glamour shoot environments. A natural fit for Yvan’s dazzling and glamourous jewellery, Playboy model Charlie Laine was a dream to shoot with. Originally from a small US state, glamour model Charlie Laine has become a successful big city model. Having already appeared in many glamour nude publications, glamour model Charlie Laine is sure to continue to be a modelling star in the US and around the world.

Christie Gabriel - Featured Model, October 2010


Vogue model Christie Gabriel was flown to Toronto by Yvan for a weekend of glamour shoots in September 2010. With years of high fashion and glamour modelling experience, glamour model Christie Gabriel showed her true charm in front of the camera as well as incredible creativity. Model Christie Gabriel has outstanding credits include representation with Ford and DNA Model Management, commercial and runway appearances in both Chicago and New York. Glamour model Christie Gabriel even managed to successfully master chop sticks at a top dim sum restaurant in Toronto. The make-up skills of glamour model Christie Gabriel were on full display as she created a fantastic glamour look with blue lips and jet black eyebrows and a stunning summer dress.

Adrienne - Featured Model, September 2010


Playboy model Adrienne Barsi is a breath of fresh air in the glamour industry and hails from Budapest. Super talented and very enthusiastic, glamour model Adrienne shot with Yvan in July 2010 at a five star hotel in central Budapest. With a super and outgoing personality, glamour model Adrienne and Yvan did some creative shooting on the rooftop terrace of the hotel to capture great lingerie and nude photos. Playboy model Adrienne has featured numerous times in CKM magazine, a popular Eastern European men’s glamour publication which has brought her fame throughout the world. A special talent not to be missed, glamour model Adrienne is sure to impress wherever she goes.

Aletta Ocean - Featured Model, August 2010


Super star glamour nude and adult model Aletta Ocean shot with Yvan in July 2010. Model Aletta Ocean and Yvan endured sweltering 40’C temperatures to successfully shoot poolside at a private villa in Budapest. The silver micro bikini that was used for one set of photos looked absolutely breathtaking on glamour model Aletta Ocean’s incredibly curvaceous body. With fantastic energy and skills for unique poses and looks, glamour model Aletta Ocean is a true star in the industry. Nude model Aletta Ocean shared insights into wonderful travel destinations and relaxation hang outs. A genuine pleasure to collaborate with, Aletta combines her natural talent for posing with perfectly suited gorgeous glamour expressions.

Caitlin Alexander - Featured Model, July 2010


New glamour model Caitlin Alexander is an energized beauty ready to take the industry by storm. Originally from small town Ontario, glamour model Caitlin Alexander moved to the big city of Toronto to model. Model Caitlin Alexander has the outgoing character and natural talent to create incredibly seductive and elegant images, as was shown in her Humber Bridge photo shoot with Yvan in June 2010. Talented also as an actress, glamour model Caitlin Alexander is a rising talent in the arts. The equal love for healthy food that glamour model Caitlin Alexander has a passion for in her life means that her remarkable body is sure to remain truly eye catching.

Jade Bryce - Featured Model, June 2010


Texas Playboy and Maxim glamour model Jade Bryce combines breathtaking southern looks with an abundance of charm. Yvan photographed glamour model Jade Bryce in May 2010 in Nevada’s desert just outside of Las Vegas. Demonstrating an incredible willingness to go that extra mile to create perfect shots including many climbs up steep rocky hillsides with three inch heels, glamour model Jade Bryce was a pleasure to shoot with. Model Jade Bryce even had the opportunity to pose in the magical Canadian forests of the Kawarthas in July 2010 when I flew her for a few days to Toronto, Canada. A sweet reminder of glamour model Jade Bryce’s new favourite dessert was the unforgettable taste she enjoyed of the world famous Ontario Maple Syrup on numerous delicious strawberry pancakes.

Aura Amore – Featured Model, May 2010


Glamour model Aura Amore is a striking young model from Vancouver, Canada. Model Aura Amore’s voluptuous glamour looks are complemented by her never ending enthusiasm for creating stunningly beautiful images. Glamour model Aura Amore’s zeal for adventure across the US and Canada is leading to ever growing fame. Yvan photographed glamour model Aura Amore in both March 2009 and again in April 2010 in Toronto. With a great appreciation for the ocean and nature, glamour model Aura Amore is a true lover of the outdoors and especially glamour photo shoots in natural settings.

Angelina Polska - Featured model, April 2010


Playboy model Angelina Polska is a captivating glamour model from Toronto, Canada. Yvan photographed this strikingly beautiful, talented and fun model in November and December 2009 and then again in January 2010 at a top Toronto hotel. Glamour model Angelina Polska and Yvan’s great chemistry has led to their photos appearing twice on Maxim magazine’s website. A passion for tropical destinations with white sand beaches as well as living it up at the hippest night clubs are two fun delights for glamour model Angelina Polska. This glamour model has graced the pages of Playboy’s Special Editions numerous times and regularly turns heads at promotional events. Look out for glamour model Angelina Polska’s knock out figure as she continues to take the world by storm.

Walleria - Featured model, March 2010


World famous glamour model Walleria and I shot together in Prague, Czech Republic in December 2009. Glamour model Walleria has appeared in the pages of both Australian Playboy and Penthouse magazines. With a taste for exotic cuisine, glamour model Walleria can be found exploring many of the newest restaurants around Prague. Travel also happens to be a genuine passion for glamour model Walleria who regularly travels to different continents for modelling assignments. Her breathtaking long black hair and sensual expressions make glamour model Walleria truly captivating.

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