Whether you’re already a world famous glamour model or just looking to get your start in the industry Yvan D’Addario can capture photographs and videos that will show you at your finest! If you’re interested in arranging a glamour photo shoot or video in the genres of swimwear, lingerie, glamour (club wear) or glamour nude please e-mail Yvan at inquiry@icandiglamour.ca. Requests are considered on a case by case basis. Due to time constraints replies are provided only to glamour models selected. (Note that Yvan hires models as independent contractors but he is not available for hire for any private projects.)

General Information for Glamour Photo Shoots or Videos:

  • Model Compensation: Glamour model receives either payment or time for print (TFP) depending on her look, experience and publication history. For TFP the model will obtain five (5) edited photos in digital format from the photo shoot or four (4) minutes of edited video in digital format of the photographer/videographers choice for her own usage.
  • Model Release Form: All models must sign a model release form and provide two (2) pieces of government issued photo identification for both name and age verification.
  • Publication Submissions: To be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Restrictions: Females models only with a minimum age of 18 to be verified with government issued photo ID. There are no height restrictions. Any commercial sale of glamour images or videos requires the photographers/videographers express written permission.
  • Wardrobe: Brand new clothing is provided free of charge to the model on a case by case basis depending on the theme and project. Jewellery and accessories are supplied.
  • Make-up and Hair Styling: An experienced professional is provided.

To Apply for a Photo Shoot or Video you MUST include the following in your E-Mail:

  • Legal name, age, current hair colour and body measurements.
  • Level of glamour modelling experience including whether or not you have been published and if you are agency represented.
  • A minimum of two (2) photos, at least one full body and one portrait.

Please send this information and your photos to inquiry@icandiglamour.ca. Replies will only be sent to models selected.