Cindy Hope – Featured Model, December 2010


Glamour nude model and adult star Cindy Hope was a delight to shoot with in Budapest. Penthouse model Cindy Hope from Hungary has tremendous talent and enthusiasm for creating breathtaking expressions and poses. Adorned with some jewels from Yvan’s private collection glamour model Cindy Hope was able to make a classical office desk look extremely alluring. On top of these talents, Penthouse model Cindy Hope also shared Yvan’s love of 1980’s music which led to lots of improvised singing attempts. Glamour model Cindy Hope has years of experience modelling and combines this passion with a tremendous talent to produce world class images.

Charlie Laine – Featured Model, November 2010


Playboy and Penthouse model Charlie Laine showed her immense talent and beauty in October during a glamour nude shoot with Yvan in Los Angeles. Braving frigid swimming pool water at a mansion, glamour model Charlie Laine and Yvan laughed their way through a fun filled afternoon using a wide variety of glamour shoot environments. A natural fit for Yvan’s dazzling and glamourous jewellery, Playboy model Charlie Laine was a dream to shoot with. Originally from a small US state, glamour model Charlie Laine has become a successful big city model. Having already appeared in many glamour nude publications, glamour model Charlie Laine is sure to continue to be a modelling star in the US and around the world.

Christie Gabriel – Featured Model, October 2010


Vogue model Christie Gabriel was flown to Toronto by Yvan for a weekend of glamour shoots in September 2010. With years of high fashion and glamour modelling experience, glamour model Christie Gabriel showed her true charm in front of the camera as well as incredible creativity. Model Christie Gabriel has outstanding credits include representation with Ford and DNA Model Management, commercial and runway appearances in both Chicago and New York. Glamour model Christie Gabriel even managed to successfully master chop sticks at a top dim sum restaurant in Toronto. The make-up skills of glamour model Christie Gabriel were on full display as she created a fantastic glamour look with blue lips and jet black eyebrows and a stunning summer dress.

Adrienne – Featured Model, September 2010


Playboy model Adrienne Barsi is a breath of fresh air in the glamour industry and hails from Budapest. Super talented and very enthusiastic, glamour model Adrienne shot with Yvan in July 2010 at a five star hotel in central Budapest. With a super and outgoing personality, glamour model Adrienne and Yvan did some creative shooting on the rooftop terrace of the hotel to capture great lingerie and nude photos. Playboy model Adrienne has featured numerous times in CKM magazine, a popular Eastern European men’s glamour publication which has brought her fame throughout the world. A special talent not to be missed, glamour model Adrienne is sure to impress wherever she goes.

Aletta Ocean – Featured Model, August 2010


Super star glamour nude and adult model Aletta Ocean shot with Yvan in July 2010. Model Aletta Ocean and Yvan endured sweltering 40’C temperatures to successfully shoot poolside at a private villa in Budapest. The silver micro bikini that was used for one set of photos looked absolutely breathtaking on glamour model Aletta Ocean’s incredibly curvaceous body. With fantastic energy and skills for unique poses and looks, glamour model Aletta Ocean is a true star in the industry. Nude model Aletta Ocean shared insights into wonderful travel destinations and relaxation hang outs. A genuine pleasure to collaborate with, Aletta combines her natural talent for posing with perfectly suited gorgeous glamour expressions.

Caitlin Alexander – Featured Model, July 2010


New glamour model Caitlin Alexander is an energized beauty ready to take the industry by storm. Originally from small town Ontario, glamour model Caitlin Alexander moved to the big city of Toronto to model. Model Caitlin Alexander has the outgoing character and natural talent to create incredibly seductive and elegant images, as was shown in her Humber Bridge photo shoot with Yvan in June 2010. Talented also as an actress, glamour model Caitlin Alexander is a rising talent in the arts. The equal love for healthy food that glamour model Caitlin Alexander has a passion for in her life means that her remarkable body is sure to remain truly eye catching.

Jade Bryce – Featured Model, June 2010


Texas Playboy and Maxim glamour model Jade Bryce combines breathtaking southern looks with an abundance of charm. Yvan photographed glamour model Jade Bryce in May 2010 in Nevada’s desert just outside of Las Vegas. Demonstrating an incredible willingness to go that extra mile to create perfect shots including many climbs up steep rocky hillsides with three inch heels, glamour model Jade Bryce was a pleasure to shoot with. Model Jade Bryce even had the opportunity to pose in the magical Canadian forests of the Kawarthas in July 2010 when I flew her for a few days to Toronto, Canada. A sweet reminder of glamour model Jade Bryce’s new favourite dessert was the unforgettable taste she enjoyed of the world famous Ontario Maple Syrup on numerous delicious strawberry pancakes.

Aura Amore – Featured Model, May 2010


Glamour model Aura Amore is a striking young model from Vancouver, Canada. Model Aura Amore’s voluptuous glamour looks are complemented by her never ending enthusiasm for creating stunningly beautiful images. Glamour model Aura Amore’s zeal for adventure across the US and Canada is leading to ever growing fame. Yvan photographed glamour model Aura Amore in both March 2009 and again in April 2010 in Toronto. With a great appreciation for the ocean and nature, glamour model Aura Amore is a true lover of the outdoors and especially glamour photo shoots in natural settings.

Angelina Polska – Featured model, April 2010


Playboy model Angelina Polska is a captivating glamour model from Toronto, Canada. Yvan photographed this strikingly beautiful, talented and fun model in November and December 2009 and then again in January 2010 at a top Toronto hotel. Glamour model Angelina Polska and Yvan’s great chemistry has led to their photos appearing twice on Maxim magazine’s website. A passion for tropical destinations with white sand beaches as well as living it up at the hippest night clubs are two fun delights for glamour model Angelina Polska. This glamour model has graced the pages of Playboy’s Special Editions numerous times and regularly turns heads at promotional events. Look out for glamour model Angelina Polska’s knock out figure as she continues to take the world by storm.

Walleria – Featured model, March 2010


World famous glamour model Walleria and I shot together in Prague, Czech Republic in December 2009. Glamour model Walleria has appeared in the pages of both Australian Playboy and Penthouse magazines. With a taste for exotic cuisine, glamour model Walleria can be found exploring many of the newest restaurants around Prague. Travel also happens to be a genuine passion for glamour model Walleria who regularly travels to different continents for modelling assignments. Her breathtaking long black hair and sensual expressions make glamour model Walleria truly captivating.