Sunny Leone – Featured Model


Model Sunny Leone is a Penthouse Pet of the Year and a glamour nude model with tremendous experience and skill in both the glamour and adult industries. Based in California and originally a Canadian native, Penthouse model Sunny Leone was truly inspirational shooting with Yvan in a luxury residence in Los Angeles. Penthouse model Sunny Leone has an exceptional natural splendour, engaging demeanour and well spoken presentation. With this incredible combination it’s no surprise that Penthouse model Sunny Leone will co-host the 2012 Adult Video News Awards Show. Constantly travelling to Europe and Asia for productions, shoots and promotional appearances, glamour nude and Penthouse model Sunny Leone is a global star. Striking wonderful poses combined with Yvan Daddario’s stellar jewellery, the amazingly tantalizing photos of Penthouse model Sunny Leone were created for Icandiglamour.

Kagney Linn Karter – Featured Model


Penthouse model, adult industry superstar and glamour nude model Kagney Linn Karter embodies the essence of beauty. Based in Los Angeles and a mid West native, Penthouse model Kagney Linn Karter was a delight to shoot glamour with in California. With a passion for travelling the world and amazing enthusiasm, Penthouse model Kagney Linn Karter also has an incredible knowledge and passion for history. Combined with her striking curves and amazing wardrobe, glamour nude and Penthouse model Kagney Linn Karter possesses rare qualities and talents in front of the camera. Winner of numerous Adult Video News Awards, Penthouse model Kagney Linn Karter will surely win many awards in the future. Constantly busy with her movies, photo shoots and dancing, adult star and Penthouse model Kagney Linn Karter is the one to watch.

Alexis Texas – Featured Model


Penthouse and glamour model and adult industry superstar Alexis Texas is an absolute beauty. With piercing blue eyes and a phenomenally voluptuous body, Penthouse and glamour model Alexis Texas is a genuine head turner. Shooting with Yvan in Los Angeles in September, Alexis Texas was a blast to work with. Yvan was even able to enjoy a fantastic array of musical tunes from Alexis’ phone while we shot. Penthouse model Alexis Texas is constantly in demand with photo shoots, movies and conventions around the world. Sure to remain a star of the adult industry, Penthouse model Alexis Texas has the talent and look that never ceases to amaze.

Elizabeth Jean – Featured Model


Playboy and glamour model Elizabeth Jean has a natural talent for glamour. A native of Los Angeles, California, Playboy model Elizabeth Jean is a genuinely sexy California model. As a former gymnast and cheerleader, glamour model Elizabeth Jean has a unique skill set and stamina for a wide variety of poses including showing her incredible balancing ability over the bathtub for the bubble bath segment of the photo shoot. With a sweet tooth and fun loving personality, glamour model Elizabeth Jean created one striking expression after another in a wide variety of jewellery from Yvan’s private collection. Shooting in a luxurious Beverly Hills location, Playboy model Elizabeth Jean demonstrated she possesses the qualities to become a foremost star in the glamour industry.

Adrienn Levai – Featured Model, August 2011


Playboy and glamour nude model Adrienn Levai is a huge star in the European glamour industry. An incredibly talented model with a wide array of expression and poses, glamour model Adrienn Levai is a genuine Hungarian star. Photographed by Yvan in a luxurious Budapest location, Playboy model Adrienn Levai keeps herself exceptionally busy as a popular promotional, commercial and glamour model. Glamour model Adrienn Levai had a blast modelling with a spectacular variety of jewellery provided by Yvan’s private collection. With her dazzling measurements and style, glamour model Adrienn Levai is a fun and free spirited model whose reputation is already impressive.

Evelin Aubert – Featured Model, July 2011


Dazzling Playboy model Evelin Aubert from Budapest, Hungary, is a rising glamour star in Europe. With striking blond hair and a spectacularly curvaceous figure, glamour model Evelin Aubert was a delight to photograph. With a passion for the beach and soaking up the suns rays in tropical destinations, Evelin Aubert has a sweet and outgoing demeanour. Well traveled and super stylish, Playboy model Evelin Aubert turns heads wherever she goes. Admire her glamour nude and lingerie photos within.

Charlie Mancini – Featured Model, June 2011


Playboy model Charlie Mancini from Chicago, USA, is an incredibly talented glamour model. With a decade of experience, nude glamour model Charlie Mancini has established a reputation for professionalism and superior talent. Shooting with Yvan at a top Chicago five star hotel, Playboy model Charlie Mancini was very outgoing and impressive with the variety of looks she created. Charlie Mancini arrived to the shoot with a number of elegant lingerie pieces that radiated throughout the images from the photo shoot. A frequent traveller for publication shoots across the United States, glamour model Charlie Mancini exudes sensuality in all her images.

Satin Bloom – Featured Model, May 2011


Stunning Czech Playboy model Satin Bloom was the perfect model for numerous glamour nude shoots with Yvan in Prague. With talents as a make-up artist and hair stylist, glamour model Satin Bloom masterfully used her skills to help create breathtakingly sexy images. Her passion for glamour is equally matched by her kindness to animals including her little dog. Always looking for the next fun filled adventure, Playboy model Satin Bloom has a genuine positive outlook on life. World renowned for her appearances in countless publications and websites, model Satin Bloom will continue to impress the glamour nude industry for years to come.

Zafira – Featured Model, April 2011


Famous glamour nude Penthouse model Zafira hails from Budapest, Hungary. Photographed by Yvan in a hotel overlooking the Danube River, model Zafira was an absolute delight and exceptionally professional. A fan of travelling and especially mountainous countries, Zafira frequently appears in men’s magazines. Her beautiful tanned looks are complemented by her sweet demeanour as demonstrated by the following photos. With her talent for sensual expressions, it is no wonder glamour model Zafira remains a super star of the glamour industry.

Helga Geszti – Featured Model, March 2011


Meet Hungarian Playboy model Helga Geszti. Playboy model Helga Geszti is a big fan of jewellery and was ever so pleased by the abundant selection at Yvan’s glamour nude photo shoot. This famous Playboy model Helga Geszti is also an avid fan of sexy lingerie. With a fun loving personality and super sexy beautiful looks, Helga Geszti is sure to impress her fans with spectacular photos of hers for years to come.

Tancy Hanna – Featured Model, February 2011


Breathtaking glamour model Tancy Hanna is a native of Miami, Florida. Showcased in dozens of publications, glamour model Tancy Hanna’s captivating look is highlighted by modelling sexy bikini’s as well as increasingly featuring her acting skills on both TV and film. Shooting with Yvan on South Beach in Miami, Tancy Hanna showed her immense creativity and passion for a wide array of bikini poses. Keeping her stunning curves in shape with regular exercise, bikini model Tancy Hanna is sure to enjoy a long career at the top of the glamour industry.

Nessa Devil – Featured Model, January 2011


Star glamour nude model Nessa Devil is from Prague, Czech Republic. With a stunning figure and sweet personality glamour model Nessa Devil and Yvan enjoyed a day of shooting in one of Prague’s most famous and luxurious historical hotels. An avid fan of winter sports, Maxim model Nessa Devil uses sports to maintain her toned appearance. Glamour model Nessa Devil has am impressive daily workout routine that professional athletes would be amazed by. With such talent for breathtaking looks glamour model Nessa Devil is sure to impress and gain increasing levels of fame.