Szandra - Featured Model


The 2012 Hungarian Playboy Playmate is Szandra, a bombshell from Budapest. Blessed with curves in all the right places, Playboy and glamour nude model Szandra has captured the world in numerous Playboy publications. An avid traveller to exotic locales all over the world such as Bali and a promoter for the luckiest of brands, Playboy model Szandra is very sought after for photo shoots. Photographed in a luxurious location in Budapest, Playboy and glamour nude model Szandra demonstrated true knowledge for both angles and poses. The first set of photos by Yvan Daddario that captured Playboy model Szandra consisted of a tight black corset and panties which lead to elegant nude bedroom photos. The next photo set involved a very elegant one piece white lace set of lingerie in which she shone using a grand sofa as her prop for posing. The final set of photos of Playboy model Szandra featured her in a playful pink and black bikini in front of a gorgeous white and soft pink marble wall. I’m sure you’ll agree thatSzandra is a fantasy that dreams are truly made of.

Ella Milano - Featured Model


One of the sexiest Penthouse Pets and glamour nude models in the world is Ella Milano. This Puerto Rico native and adult star is as impressive with her expressions and poses as are her looks. With a growing list of notable film and photo credits, Penthouse model Ella Milano’s popularity continues to climb. This gorgeous American glamour nude model created amazing poses wearing a sexy black one piece maid outfit complete with white choker and cuffs, truly captivating. For the second photo shoot set with Yvan, Penthouse model Ella Milano wore sultry red lingerie and posed in front of a beautiful wall of finely designed wood. For the third and final photo set Penthouse model Ella Milano wore an enchanting one piece pink lingerie dress which she quickly turned into a sultry magnet of sex appeal with masterful manipulation on a bright white carpet. Creating world class glamour nude images with Penthouse model Ella Milano was a breeze for Yvan Daddario and her bubbly personality earned her a coveted Icandiglamour t-shirt and place as a Featured Absolute Beauty of the Month!


Kitti Kovacs - Featured Model


Hungarian Playboy and glamour nude model Kitti Kovacs is a dreamy brunette from Budapest. Photographed by Yvan on a cold winter’s day, Playboy model Kitti Kovacs demonstrated marvelous talent in a variety of sexy outfits. First posing in a black sheer lingerie teddy, Playboy model Kitti Kovacs moved like a mesmerizing magician from lingerie to nude during our bedroom set. Once adorned with an incredible Swarovski crystal necklace and wearing an elegant glamour evening dress, glamour nude model Kitti Kovacs presented a variety of dramatic and sensual expressions complementing the set. Lastly, with a white bikini in the bathtub Playboy model Kitti Kovacs was truly talented with her manipulation of the shower head and a subtle mix of water and soap over her body. Apart from modelling, Playboy model Kitti Kovacs also keeps herself busy by working as both a commercial and promotional model.

Jess Robinson - Featured Model


American Playboy and glamour nude model Jess Robinson is a spectacularly talented Texan. Based in Dallas, Playboy model Jess Robinson has years of experience working with Playboy and has appeared in eight Playboy publications from their Book of Lingerie to Natural Beauties. Playboy model Jess Robinson has even spoken on Playboy radio and featured on the website as a cyber girl. Photographed by Yvan Daddario in Toronto, Playboy model Jess Robinson confirmed her adaptability on set to transform a mansions grand marble entranceway into a warm, sexy and luxurious back drop for a series of glamour nude photos. With her keen eye for posing, Playboy model Jess Robinson also demonstrated a clinic in posing techniques when she masterfully used a Japanese samurai sword as a prop for photos captured high up on the 47th floor of a luxury condo skyscraper in the heart of Toronto, Canada. Constantly travelling up to 150 days a year, Playboy model Jess Robinson attracts projects for work from all over North America. Glamour nude and Playboy model Jess Robinson also has a university graduate education to boast about. As one of the dreamiest glamour nude models, Jess Robinson continues to draw fans with her natural and never ending sex appeal.

Viktoria Sima - Featured Model


Hungarian Playboy and glamour nude model Viktoria Sima was an unbelievable talent to photograph. Viktoria Sima shot with Yvan Daddario in both Budapest, Hungary and then in the wonderfully tropical island of Sicily, Italy. She is an experienced Playboy and glamour nude model who also happens to possess a wonderful natural ability to mesmerize audiences with her personality which she regularly demonstrates with her promotional work around the world. Playboy model Viktoria Sima loves to travel to tropical destinations such as Mexico for glamour shoots with a particular preference for the sunny and beautiful beaches of Cancun. Although rarely in Budapest because of her busy schedule, Playboy model Viktoria Sima has tremendous flair for wearing micro bikinis that Yvan captured her in along the pristine beaches of Sicily. With the Mediterranean Sea behind her, Playboy model Viktoria Sima captured the essence of beauty on the terrace of a luxury hotel while wearing both bikinis and glamour outfits. Her outgoing personality and dedication to glamour modeling was clearly evident in Sicily when Playboy model Viktoria Sima was required to wake up at 5 am for two sunrise photo shoots. Moving elegantly from pose to pose, Yvan and Playboy model Viktoria Sima also created breathtaking bubble bath shots in a huge Jacuzzi in Budapest with bubbles flying everywhere! Always up for a new adventure, Yvan and Playboy model Viktoria Sima braved the high winds to take part in an excursion that reached near the summit of Mount Etna, Sicily, which is famous for its constant lava explosions. Certainly a model worth following, Playboy model Viktoria Sima never ceases to amaze.

Aleska Diamond - Featured Model


Hungarian Penthouse model and adult superstar Aleska Diamond showed immense talent during her shoot with Yvan Daddario in Budapest. Glamour nude and Penthouse model Aleska Diamond was brilliant showing off her talent for posing on the terrace of an exclusive Hungarian hotel above the Danube River. With the Hungarian Parliament buildings in the background, Penthouse model Aleska Diamond even captivated countless cruise ship onlookers as they sailed by during one of the photography sets. For the portion of the shoot that involved a sexy pink dress, glamour nude and Penthouse model Aleska Diamond combined with Yvan to create an amazing array of emotions. One of Penthouse model Aleska Diamond’s claims to fame includes winning the 2012 Adult Video News Award for Best Female Performer. With a series of other performance awards to her credit, Penthouse model Aleska Diamond’s popularity continues to skyrocket. Constantly in high demand and travelling the world, especially to one of her favourite destinations, Greece, Penthouse model Aleska Diamond continues to impress in photo shoots and on film.

Dana Harem - Featured Model


Meet striking Czech Playboy model Dana Harem from Prague. Playboy model Dana Harem is one of the most remarkable glamour nude models in all of Europe. This Icandiglamour Absolute Beauty was captured by Yvan in a luxurious hotel in the Czech Republic in May 2012 for three photo sets. Photographed in and out of a variety of lingerie and nightclub attire, this brunette moved effortlessly form pose to pose and showed genuine skill in front of the camera. Originally from the Eastern portion of the Czech Republic, Playboy model Dana Harem fits in well in the romantic city of Prague. Yvan’s favourite set to shoot with Playboy model Dana Harem was a blue lingerie set with an elegant blue fur shawl. Keep your eyes out for this glamour nude model gracing the covers of more publications this year.

Jessica Vaugn - Featured Model


Breathtaking Playboy, Maxim and FHM model Jessica Vaugn fully deserves to be this month’s Icandiglamour Absolute Beauty. Originally from Kansas, Playboy model Jessica Vaugn is not only a talented glamour nude model, she also is a sophisticated writer for a Playboy column. Having photographed Playboy model Jessica Vaugn twice, both in Toronto and Beverly Hills, Yvan was truly impressed by her professionalism, her mesmerizing looks and her enthusiasm to create world class glamour nude images. In one set, Playboy model Jessica Vaugn is, and then isn’t, wearing a beautifully sexy pink and white bikini. Frequently crisscrossing the world on photo shoots, Playboy model Jessica Vaugn knows how to grow her fame. Playboy model Jessica Vaugn has appeared in countless publications from Croatia to Italy and the US.

Nicole Aniston - Featured Model


Nicole Aniston is a sultry Penthouse model and one of the world’s most famous adult actresses. Penthouse model Nicole Aniston mesmerizes as an exceptionally talented and energetic glamour nude model. A southern California native, Penthouse model Nicole Aniston is a highly sought after performer around the world. Thanks to her high energy and outgoing personality, Penthouse model Nicole Aniston and Yvan created truly breathtaking photos at a Los Angeles Hollywood Hotel. Using a wide variety of outfits including a captivating silver and black one piece micro bikini, Nicole Aniston showed her versatility and powerful emotions on cue. One of the glamour nude photo sets incorporated Penthouse model Nicole Aniston using her iPhone and ear buds to tease the camera with the sultry curves of her silhouette and Hollywood in the background. Her perfectly tanned skin was accentuated by a hot two piece bright yellow swimsuit in a memorable bathtub scene. Always playful for the camera, Penthouse model Nicole Aniston enabled Yvan to capture a number of fun behind the scenes shots. As you’ll see in the galleries, Penthouse model Nicole Aniston epitomizes an Icandiglamour Absolute Beauty and demonstrates a natural understanding of desirable posing angles to create world class glamour nude images.

Spencer Scott - Featured Model


Playboy Playmate Spencer Scott is the youngest Playmate ever selected by Playboy magazine when she was just eighteen years of age. Originally from the US state of Georgia, Playboy Playmate Spencer Scott began her modelling career as a highly sought after bikini model. This blond bombshell with a dazzling personality and was super fun while shooting with Yvan. Ambitious and full of energy and enthusiasm, Playboy Playmate Spencer Scott enjoyed a fun afternoon in Hollywood creating sultry images. Enjoying some of Yvan’s world famous jewellery, Playmate Spencer Scott looked particularly outstanding in the turquoise jewellery set. In high demand for her modelling talents, Playboy and glamour nude model Spencer Scott manages to juggle plenty of competing commitments. This absolute beauty shines as a Featured Model of the Month on Icandiglamour and Playboy Playmate Spencer Scott looks forward to appearing here again.

Cindy Dollar - Featured Model


Cindy Dollar is a fabulous Penthouse and glamour nude model from Prague, Czech Republic. With sultry looks and years of experience, Penthouse model Cindy Dollar is a model that produced amazingly unique poses. Penthouse model Cindy Dollar is a big fan of French culture, food and style which leads her to regularly visit the country. With minimal direction from Yvan, Cindy showed her true voluptuous beauty modelling a sexy peach coloured micro bikini for the shower set of photos. Fun while both the professional shots and the behind the scenes ones were being taken, glamour nude model Cindy Dollar was constantly on her game. Penthouse model Cindy Dollar is also famous in the adult industry having working for five years and grow to incredible heights in global popularity. I would highly recommend glamour nude photo shoots with Penthouse model Cindy Dollar who brings enthusiasm, beauty and elegance to images.

Monika Vesela - Featured Model


Featured Model of the Month January 2012 Monika Vesela Playboy, Penthouse and Maxim model Monika Vesela is from the fantastic city of Prague, Czech Republic. Very sweet and sensual, Playboy model Monika Vesela was a genuine delight to shoot with. With years of experience in the glamour nude industry, Playboy model Monika Vesela was able to create countless sultry expressions that produced mesmerizing images. With countless magazine publications, website credits and videos to her name, Playboy model Monika Vesela is a major European glamour nude star. Despite a definite enjoyment of oriental foods, Playboy model Monika Vesela is also a regular patron of the gym to keep herself in tip top shape. Look forward to more ravishing images of glamour and Playboy model Monika Vesela in various mediums around the world.