Natali Blond – Featured Model


Czech Playboy model Natali Blond is a voluptuous dream from Prague. Photographed by Yvan in the Czech Republic, Playboy model Natali Blond shows her sweet and irresistible demeanour for the camera in three sizzling sets. Playful in a pair of cut-off jeans and sheer blouse, Playboy model Natali Blond shines before the camera wearing eventually just her sexy tan! Moving onto an aquamarine blue summer dress, this glamour nude model again displayed exquisite talent with a wide array of dramatic expressions and poses. Lastly, wearing one of the sexiest one piece swimsuits ever, Playboy model Natali Blond is showcasing a black suit with glistening jewels attached. Magically beautiful glamour nude models from the Czech Republic are constantly impressive, Playboy model Natali Blond is one that tops the list!

Jessie Rogers – Featured Model


Penthouse model Jessie Rogers is a blond vixen with a rising career as a glamour nude model. Photographed with Yvan on a balmy day in West Hollywood, Penthouse and glamour model Jessie Rogers breezed through her first set of photos wearing just a stunning golden sequence dress that only accentuated her sex appeal with her golden locks. The second set of images captured of Penthouse model Jessie Rogers involved a revealingly cut pink party dress complete with an impressive Swarovski crystal necklace for a touch of true elegance and glamour. Lastly, the third set photos of Penthouse model Jessie Rogers featured a pink one piece micro bikini with dental floss as the sting. A mesmerizing sight to behold! Winner of countless adult awards Penthouse model Jessie Rogers is a fan of exotic travel destinations. This American glamour nude model and adult starlet captures the epitome of desirability.

Tasha Reign – Featured Model

OCTOBER 2013: Tasha Reign

Playboy and Penthouse glamour nude model Tasha Reign is the ultimate blond bombshell from Los Angeles. Having featured in numerous Playboy publications including their Fresh Faces edition and Cyber Girl, Playboy and Penthouse model Tasha Reign took the leap into more erotic endeavours and has enjoyed incredible success! Shooting with Yvan in Beverly Hills, Playboy and Penthouse model Tasha Reign was striking in a red lingerie set captured in a luxurious bedroom. The second set of photos showcased Playboy model Tasha Reign in black lingerie to show off her talent for posing and seduction as a sofa served as her backdrop. The third set placed Playboy and Penthouse model Tasha Reign in a shower wearing only a black swimsuit. The gorgeous white Italian marble in the shower created the perfect backdrop. Famous for her adult movies and continued success in print, Playboy and Penthouse model Tasha Reign has a huge fan following and continues to be a sought after model and actress.

Abigail Mac – Featured Model

SEPTEMBER 2013: Abigail Mac

Incredibly talented Penthouse model Abigail Mac showed off her flair for the camera with a series of shoots with Yvan Daddario in Toronto. Now residing in glitzy Los Angeles, Penthouse and glamour nude model Abigail Mac is a genuine professional with amazing drive and energy which seamlessly combine to create world class images even in the most distracting environments. With a strict exercise regime to boot, Penthouse model Abigail Mac showed off her exceptionally toned body for a series of photography sets in an array of sensual and sexy outfits from lingerie, to jeweled bibs and corsets. One of the photo sets was a kitchen themed shoot with a delicious strawberry and chocolate cake prop which became the centre of attention along with ample flour placed all over Penthouse and glamour model Abigail Mac. The bathtub bubble bath photo set was electrifying with Penthouse model Abigail Mac gliding in and out of the water with ease and displaying the epitome of sensuality. With numerous Penthouse publications to her name and constant demand for her talents by international photographers and producers, glamour nude model Abigail Mac will remain a hot act for years to come.

Amina Malakona – Featured Model


Stunning Hungarian Playboy model Amina Malakona has the looks and character to leave people awestruck. Captured by Yvan in a romantic suite overlooking the Danube River, Playboy and glamour nude model Amina Malakona displayed boundless talent for sensual and playful expressions. The first set of photos taken with Yvan displays Playboy model Amina Malakona in an elegant and sheer purple summer dress. The second set has Playboy model Amina Malakona wearing a pink French maid outfit, truly impressive imagery and character created! Lastly, the third set of images contains Playboy and glamour nude model Amina Malakona in a black and white bikini while she plays in the Jacuzzi. Regularly promoting products and events across Europe, Playboy model Amina Malakona knows how to boost sales and the atmosphere wherever she goes! Frequent traveller to far flung parts of the world, Playboy model Amina Malakona knows how to remain in high demand and make the most out of life!

Rikki Six – Featured Model


World famous adult starlet and glamour nude model Rikki Six is one of the hottest rising stars in the industry. Adult megastar Rikki Six has a sensational body combined with a genuinely sweet and seductive personality which made her an absolute blast to photograph in West Hollywood. With a leopard print cocktail dress, glamour nude model Rikki Six showed off her mesmerizing abilities in demonstrating how a sexy bedroom glamour nude scene is supposed to look. Adult star Rikki Six then wore a red ribbon dress for the second set of photos combined with an extravagant Swarovski crystal necklace where she moved seductively as she played with the ribbons and posed with naturally sexy techniques. In the third and final set of images, Rikki Six wore a super sexy reflective pink bikini in front of a beautiful mahogany wood backdrop. Glamour nude model Rikki Six is a frequent traveller with commitments across North America and a growing following of devoted fans.

Tunde – Featured Model


Hungarian Playboy model Tunde showed off her years of experience during a photo shoot in April 2013 with Yvan Daddario. A native of Budapest, Playboy model Tunde has appeared in numerous publications as well as twice in Playboy. Starting the shoot on a huge bed with its bright red headboard complete with black dragon design, Playboy model Tunde was ravishing in a sleek black dress and Swarovski crystals. For the second set Playboy model Tunde wore a unique black and white stripped dress directly in front of a beautiful stone balcony in central Budapest. For the final set Playboy model Tunde wore a sexy red bikini outfit complete with plenty of ruffles! Modelling full time, Playboy model Tunde is constantly travelling to new destinations showing her talents for both professional photographers and countless workshop participants.

Emi Escada – Featured Model


Playboy Playmate and world famous glamour nude model Emi Escada showed tremendous talent during her Budapest, Hungary shoot in April 2013. Originally a highly sought after fashion model, Playboy model Emi Escada has risen in the entertainment industry to use her incredible talents as a showgirl travelling for parts on live TV show productions around the world from Italy to America. Blessed with an incredible voluptuous physique, Playboy model Emi Escada displayed why she was named a Hungarian Playmate in 2010, moving effortlessly. The first set photographed with Playboy model Emi Escada showcased her sensual style wearing red lingerie and posing with a gorgeous red headboard as her background. The second set with Playboy model Emi Escada displayed one of her amazing showgirl costumes on Yvan’s balcony with a dazzling silver sequence dress to present never ending bling! The last set had Playboy model Emi Escada wearing a black micro bikini to produce mesmerizingly sexy images. Playboy model Emi Escada is a global attraction and continues to appear in global publications such as Maxim.

Abbey Brooks – Featured Model


World famous Penthouse and glamour nude model Abbey Brooks demonstrated her immense talent shooting with Yvan in West Hollywood. Years of experience have shown how effortless it is for Penthouse model Abbey Brooks to obtain steamy glamour nude images can be! Frequently booked by top publications, Penthouse model Abbey Brooks draws viewers in with sultry expressions. The first set of photos with Penthouse model Abbey Brooks involved a black lace lingerie outfit with sexy red ribbons. A sexy black top with a plunging neckline and golden mini skirt marked the next set of photos lying on a white leather couch. The third set of glamour nude photos featured Penthouse model Abbey Brooks wearing a hot pink bikini and was captured in an elegant brown marble shower. Definitely fun to shoot with, Penthouse model Abbey Brooks travels regularly try to keep her fans satisfied with new content of this hot star!

Alexis Ford – Featured Model


Penthouse, Playboy and Maxim model Alexis Ford is undoubtedly one of the most sought after adult models on the planet! Penthouse Pet and glamour nude model Alexis Ford created incredible images with Yvan in West Hollywood in February 2013. Alexis Ford, adult starlet and Penthouse model clearly confirmed during her shoot why she has earned such a massive worldwide following of fans! Starting in a teeny set of orange shorts and plunging black top, Penthouse model Alexis Ford showed a masterful array of tantalising expressions and flexible poses. The second set of photos captured Penthouse model Alexis Ford posing in front a huge window with the captivating scenery of Hollywood in the background. For this set Alexis Ford wore a sexy camouflage outfit with booty shorts, a tight green tank top and sexy camo baseball cap. Lastly, Penthouse model Alexis Ford dazzled with a skimpy pink micro bikini to captive her fans. With a fun demeanour and consistently the utmost professional, Penthouse model Alexis Ford was a delight to shoot with and never failed to illuminate the camera lens with flawlessly sexy images.

Adriana Sephora – Featured Model


Penthouse dream model Adriana Sephora is a Brazilian native with unbelievable curves. Now based in Los Angeles, Penthouse model Adriana Sephora showed off her talent in a series of sultry photo sets. Penthouse and glamour nude model Adriana Sephora rocked her sexiest glamour look with a white low cut top and beige pencil skirt. The, floating effortlessly over a white leather couch in a purple sequence bikini, Penthouse model Adriana Sephora truly dazzled at a West Hollywood hotel. The final photo set with Penthouse model Adriana Sephora included a stunning baby blue micro bikini and lots of bubbles being blown around the bathtub. With a rising number of publications to her credit, Penthouse model Adriana Sephora has the look to rise to the top of the glamour nude industry. Keep a look out for Penthouse model Adriana Sephora appearing in many more publications that will take your breath away!

Valentina Nappi – Featured Model


Extraordinarily gifted Italian Playboy model and rising adult starlet Valentina Nappi was a blast to shoot with. This stunning brunette Playboy and glamour nude model Valentina Nappi hails from the city of Naples, Italy. Already with a wealth of success accumulated in the commercial modeling field, Playboy model Valentina Nappi has moved her focus to a new field where she is having tremendous success and fun, the adult industry. An immense ability and highly sought after for her enticing Italian beauty and seemingly limitless array of expressions and poses, Playboy model Valentina Nappi is a real Italian jewel. The first set of photos taken by Yvan with Playboy model Valentina Nappi involved a gorgeous set of navy blue lingerie and a soft beige bed frame that created sultry images. The second set of photos with adult starlet Valentina Nappi had her wearing the sexiest pink low cut cowl top and sexy skin tight hot pink pants loaded with wide slits. Adding a shower head for even more breathtaking sexiness, Playboy model and adult star Valentina Nappi drenched herself with water as she slowly removed her glamour outfit. As Playboy model Valentina Nappi continues to travel across Europe on an increasing number of assignments, her enthusiasm is sure to create waves wherever she appears.