Mandy Dee

Stacee May – Featured Model


FHM and glamour model Stacee May is a rising star in the world of glam! An exquisite Canadian beauty, FHM model Stacee May has the perfect combination of talent, drive and looks. Shooting the first set of photos in a black and brown lace set lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, FHM model Stacee May worked her magic in studio. The second set of images was captured with a luxurious black leather sofa as the prop. FHM model Stacee May wore a revealing violet set of Victoria’s Secret lingerie. The impressive display of facial expressions and looks by FHM model Stacee May created a large variety of world class images.

Stacee May

Mandy Dee

Mandy Dee – Featured Model


Mandy Dee is a stunning Penthouse model from St. Petersburg, Russia. This blond bombshell epitomizes dreamy and voluptuous Eastern European woman. Photographed in a luxurious location, Penthouse model Mandy Dee showed off her talents in front of the camera in the first photography set wearing a pink corset and thong. Penthouse model Mandy Dee is an all-natural beauty that used a bevy of sexy expressions and her magical eyes to create unforgettable looks. The second photography set was in a luxurious living room setting where Penthouse model Mandy Dee wore a black sheer dress to create the perfect addition to the steamy lounge mood. The third and final set with Penthouse model Mandy Dee included a white and silver sequenced bikini. To add to the sexiness, model Mandy Dee wore a bright white fishnet top which perfected the appearance. This sultry combination on Penthouse model Mandy Dee would make for perfect beach attire on South Beach!

Mandy Dee


Cristina Cass

Cristina Cass – Featured Model

Playboy model Cristina Cass is a ravishing Canadian brunette. With years of experience as a glamour model, this Playboy star knows how to captivate an audience. Shooting with Yvan in Toronto, Canada, Playboy model Cristina Cass posed for two photo sets. The first set of images captured comprised Playboy model Cristina Cass wearing a leopard print bikini as she posed on a sunny afternoon on a balcony overlooking the city. The second set of photos with Playboy model Cristina Cass had her wearing a purple bikini with a luxurious condo acting as the indoor environment. With aspirations for even more publication appearances Playboy model Cristina Cass will definitely grow her audience by leaps and bounds.

Cristina Cass

Stephy C

Linsey – Featured Model


Blond bombshell Linsey epitomises sexiness and sensuality. This rising star is a Hungarian model with grand ambitions. Posing with Yvan Daddario, Playboy model Linsey was breathtaking in a leopard print one piece swimsuit. Moving effortlessly from pose to pose, this naturally talented glamour nude model produced countless world class images. In the second set Playboy model Linsey posed in a black teddy on a comfy beige sofa where she showed off her impressive curves and seductive expressions. The final set involved glamour and Playboy model Linsey in a bright purple sequence bikini, truly eye catching outfit. An avid traveller who looks forward to appearing in many glamour nude publications glamour model Linsey will impress fans around the world.


Stephy C

Stephy C – Featured Model


American Playboy and glamour nude model Stephy C is a dreamy Mid-West stunner. Brought to Toronto for a weekend of photo shoots, Playboy model Stephy C displayed her posing skills and talent to clearly explain why Playboy has published her countless times! Shooting six sets with Playboy model Stephy C Yvan was amazed by her creative poses which began with her wearing a soft blue bikini with scrunch bottom. A second set made Playboy model Stephy C into a super sexy tennis player with her using lots of tennis balls and a tennis racket as wonderful props. Dressed in a sheer black teddy, Playboy model Stephy C used a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne and two glasses to present the ultimate playful imagery. A revealing red dress with perfectly placed holes showed this glamour models talent including her finest assets! On a huge balcony overlooking beautiful Toronto, Playboy model Stephy C wore a coral bikini and beautiful matching necklace to show off her figure to the city below! Lastly, wearing an elegant beige teddy, glamour model Stephy C was extremely sexy and even received ample kisses from puppy Cindy. Be sure to see her in future Playboy appearances.

Stephy C

Asia Abendroth

Asia Abendroth – Featured Model


Heart throb Playboy model Asia Abendroth is a voluptuous absolute beauty. With an abundance of experience, Playboy model Asia Abendroth creates countless sultry images. Photographed on a balcony overlooking the Toronto skyline, Playboy model Asia Abendroth impressed wearing elegant purple lingerie. Playboy model Asia Abendroth then posed in a striking one piece red teddy while she was draped seductively on a black leather chair. The third set of images captured with this Playboy and glamour nude model had her posing in the bathtub with bubbles flying everywhere while she wore just s sheer blue top for a tremendously sexy look. Constantly travelling across the continent, Playboy model Asia Abendroth has regular appearances in popular men’s magazine publications.

Asia Abendroth

CJ Sparxx – Featured Model


Dreamy Playboy model CJ Sparxx is a brunette from lovely Sacramento, California. Having appeared in Playboy’s Mexico edition as a Playmate, glamour model CJ Sparxx has also earned notoriety with a long career as one of the most famous Tease’um bikini models. Having appeared in their hugely popular calendar, Playboy model CJ Sparxx knows how leave a viewer wanting more! At her very best, wearing phenomenally sexy micro-bikinis, Playboy model CJ Sparxx turns heads with her every move on a beach. Photographing her at Santa Monica Beach, Yvan captured Playboy model CJ Sparxx in a striking one piece golden monokini. The second set of photos with glamour beauty CJ Sparxx had her playing with the waves in a bright purple bikini. With the waves of the beach crashing all around her, Playboy model CJ Sparxx pulled off amazingly sensual poses that only a glamour model of her experience can achieve.

Betti – Featured Model


Playboy model Betti is a blond Hungarian glamour nude model that epitomizes the belief of why many consider Eastern Europe to have the most beautiful women in the world. Playboy model Betti displayed her truly natural talent for modelling with an array of breathtaking looks to melt the lens of the camera Yvan was holding. With a very docile and personable demeanour, Playboy model Betti exhibited an assortment of facial expressions and poses that showed the essence of her elegant and sensuality. The first set of photos tool place on a beautiful balcony overlooking the Danube River with glamour model Betti wearing a blue sheer teddy and panties. The second set of photos had Playboy model Betti wearing a black lace one piece lingerie outfit with the Budapest Castle in the background. The third and final set of photos of glamour nude model Betti had her in the shower wearing a striking yellow one piece swimsuit which accentuated her curves in all the right places. Stay tuned for many more glamour publications featuring the Absolute Beauty Betti.

Marie McCray – Featured Model


Marie McCray is a world famous redhead who’s graced the pages of Penthouse magazine many times. Penthouse model Marie McCray is an incredibly experienced glamour nude model that brings abundant energy and enthusiasm to photo shoots. Based in Los Angeles, Penthouse model Marie McCray shot with Yvan Daddario in beautiful Beverly Hills location. The first set of photos with Penthouse model Marie McCray had her wearing an emerald set of lingerie in the bedroom. The second set of photos was glamour model Marie McCray posing in a baby blue dress and creating impressive photos as she moved effortlessly from one sexy pose to another. The third set of images with Penthouse model Marie McCray was on a bright orange leather sofa where she wore a sheer beige lingerie outfit. Super sensual and captivating, the glamour nude photos of redhead model Marie McCray will not disappoint.

Layla Rose – Featured Model


American Playboy model Layla Rose is a beautiful glamour nude model with Mexican heritage. Playboy model Layla Rose has the natural ability to create stunning imagery that transfixes people with her combination of natural beauty and charm. The first set of photos of Playboy model Layla Rose has her wearing a striking silver set of lingerie in the bedroom. The second set of images features Playboy model Layla Rose in a bright pink bikini with a white fishnet top posing provocatively on a white leather stool. The third and final set of Playboy model Layla Rose has her in a red set of lingerie on a bright orange leather couch moving effortlessly between poses. American Playboy model Layla Rose has an impressive character that seduces the camera to produce spectacular world class photos.

Gigi Allens – Featured Model


Australian Penthouse and glamour nude model Gigi Allens is a ravishing blond from down under. Blessed with incredible curves and an outgoing and vibrant personality, Penthouse model Gigi Allens easily captivates any audience she encounters. Photographing Penthouse model Gigi Allens in Beverly Hills, Yvan was able to capture a mouth watering array of both vibrant and mesmerizing images. The first set of images with glamour nude model Gigi Allens had her wearing a bright yellow set of lingerie in a luxurious bedroom environment. The second set of photographs involved a baby blue micro bikini and cut off shorts where Penthouse model Gigi Allens was able to disrobe and demonstrate an array of emotions. The third and final set of photos had Penthouse model Gigi Allens wearing a striking pink glamour dress and matching panties. These incredible images of Penthouse model Gigi Allens shows off the best talents of this unassuming glamour star. Gaining an incredible reputation as a Penthouse model and heart throb, Gigi Allens is sure to turn heads around the world wherever she shoots.

Eve Angel – Featured Model


An extraordinarily rare and mesmerizing raven haired absolute beauty is the Penthouse model Eve Angel who attracts constant attention wherever she goes. The impressive Hungarian glamour nude Penthouse model Eve Angel was captured in three photo sets in the scorching summer. The first set of images captured by Yvan of Penthouse model Eve Angel displayed her in a beautiful swimming pool wearing a bright lime bikini. The second set of photos featured Penthouse model Eve Angel wearing a super sexy leopard print top and tiny micro shorts. The last set involved a sequence piece of cloth wrapped elegantly around Penthouse model Eve Angel to appear as a dress with the minimal fabric leaving little to the imagination. Penthouse model Eve Angel’s favourite travel destinations include pristine mountain locations and Caribbean islands. With a list of publication credits that’s hard to count, Penthouse model Eve Angel continues to use her impressive experience to spread her image around the globe.