Getting the chance to work with fellow Canadian glamour expert Yvan D’Addario was such an incredible experience that I will hold at the top of my favorite moments list forever! It was my first time meeting and shooting with Yvan and he made me feel comfortable and confident from the moment we first said hello! He knew exactly what he was doing and knew exactly what kind of magic he wanted to create with me! As professional as it gets he also hired an incredible makeup artist that made me feel like a princess! Yvan knows the look he wants and seeks out talent at its best! Aside from the shoot being fantastic, the end photo results were outstanding! I loved the way he captured my curves and best assets in such a classy and elegant way! I am happy and glad that I got the opportunity to shoot with Yvan and would cherish the chance to do it again!

Ivy Ferguson, Playboy model from British Columbia, Canada

I just want to start off by saying by experience in Toronto was nothing short of spectacular. Yvan holds himself to the highest standards of professionalism and is a joy to work with. Beyond that he makes an amazing tour guide and glorious host. Shooting went very smoothly and was well planned with top notch hair and makeup artists. The jewelry that was provided was absolutely gorgeous and definitely took the shoot up a notch. Basically the best weekend I have had since I can remember. When you get booked with Icandiglamour, you can expect world class. Thank you Yvan Daddario, you truly are top notch!

Paige Rad, glamour model from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I had a wonderful time working with Yvan in Toronto! It was my first time visiting Toronto (any part of Canada, actually) and he was very hospitable and welcoming. We had a blast shooting and got some hot looks in. The makeup artists were awesome, and really helped with that “glam” look. I was so happy Yvan left time for sightseeing and showed me around. Toronto is a great city and I’d love to come back! Cindy (the mini beagle) is so sweet as well. =D
Thanks again!

Stephy C, Playboy model from Indianapolis, Indiana

I would like to extend a big ‘Thank you’ to Yvan and icandiglamour. Yvan is a fantastic photographer to work with, he is very professional and looks after the people he works with. He provides top quality hair and make up and also focuses on minor details like providing pretty jewellery which makes a big difference in the end result. I feel honoured I had the pleasure to work with him and highly recommend him as a professional glamour photographer. Thanks Yvan!

Gigi Allens, Penthouse model from Sydney, Australia

My experience working with Yvan was incredible. He is an amazing artist and truly a gentleman. His individuality and creativity are one of a kind. I feel so lucky to have had the honor of working with him and can only hope we get to collaborate together soon! Love ya Yvan!!! Stay excellent xoxoxo

Abigail Mac, Penthouse model from Los Angeles, California

Yvan was an absolute amazing photographer to work with! On top of being very professional, he kept me laughing through the entire shoot! The end result of my photos were beyond beautiful and I HIGHLY recommend him.

Abbey Brooks, Penthouse model from Los Angeles, California

I had a really great time working with Yvan. He treated me as a veritable princess, providing world class accommodations and clearing an entire weekend of his schedule to entertain me. Yvan was a kind and gracious host, truly one of the top ten glamour photographers in all of Canada.

Jess Robinson, Playboy model from Dallas, Texas

I love Yvan’s glamour nude photos which are of the highest quality. He is very helpful and always creative with his wild ideas for clothes and places to shoot and consistently captures me at my best. I shot with Yvan in both Budapest, Hungary and then he invited me to Sicily, Italy, for a few days to create world class glamour nude photos on the spectacularly beautiful beaches of this island from our luxury hotel. In our free time I enjoyed wonderful food and partied every night with him, he is a really fun person and crazy for dancing! I had a very special four days in Sicily and received numerous photos from him. I recommend Yvan to all other glamour nude models and thank him for my trip, if he invites you for a shooting holiday take it!

Viktoria Sima, Playboy model from Budapest, Hungary

I loved shooting with Yvan. It was easy and very glamourous. I hope the rest of the world loves these glamour photos as much as I do.

Sunny Leone, Penthouse model from Los Angeles, California

It was a true pleasure working with Yvan. The photos taken were beautiful, he’s a total sweetheart and made me feel SO glamorous! I would love to model for him if our paths happen to cross again and would highly recommend Yvan to anyone who wants to look their best!

Randy Moore, model from Los Angeles, California